Your existing life insurance may not guarantee that your family has sufficient financial protection

Policy Review

Even if you purchased a life insurance policy years ago, your heirs and beneficiaries may not be properly covered for your current objectives.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your health condition changed?
  • Has your financial condition changed?
  • Has your life insurance coverage changed in step?

Whether your policy was purchased in the last few years or just the last few months, if your coverage was not conceived with the goal of creating and preserving wealth, it may not meet your financial desires for your heirs, your estate and your charitable giving ability.

Often we hear people say, “I bought insurance,” or, “I have the best insurance policy available.” The important caveat is the word “available.” At the time the policy was purchased, it may have been the “best” in terms of coverage or premium. However, times change and what was the best option ten, five or even two years ago, may not be the best option today. The objective of a policy review is to find out where you stand today.

Policy Review Ensures:

  • You have optimal coverage at the lowest possible rate(s)
  • You know whether or not your coverage is sufficient
  • You know whether your policy could lapse in the future
  • You know whether your policy ownership structure helps avoid estate taxes
  • You know if the issuing insurer’s financial strength ratings (from a major rating service) are among the highest

It may be that you can obtain lower rates or more coverage for the same premium. We simply do not know until we perform a comprehensive review and look closely at your unique situation and compare it to the life insurance offerings in today’s market.

Your policy must be reviewed. Our Life Insurance Agents have the expertise and take the time to thoroughly review your policy(s) and make recommendations to ensure that you and your family are ideally postured to create and preserve wealth. If we determine that you are properly protected by sound life insurance strategies, you will have done so at no cost, other than time well spent.

If you don’t have a life insurance policy, you and your family are undoubtedly exposed to a host of potentially significant financial consequences. Together, we will assist you in developing a strategy that helps meet your current needs and intentions.